When the day comes, 2004, Digital slide projection, 32min

Su-Bong and Myung-Ja with their son and daughter visit the War Memorial in Yong-San. Myung-Ja whimpers while looking at the statues about the Korean War. Su-Bong recalls his memory of the Korea War that he met Myung-Ja.
25th of June in 1950, the war begins in Korean peninsula. Su-Bong comes over to the South as a North Korean army officer belongs to the 'Flag unit' and takes active part in many fierce battlefields. While South Korean army are pushed down to the Nak-Dong Gang defence line without enough time for training, Myung-Ja enters the war on the South Korean side as a medical corpsman. As the war goes on, Su-Bong gets injured in a battle and drops out behind the line while Myung-Ja loses all of her fellows in arm and becomes a straggler. Su-Bong and Myung-Ja meets each other at a graveside. Myung-Ja feels compassion toward Su-Bong while giving him treatment and Su-Bong feels something akin to love toward Myung-Ja. Mung-Ja persuades Su-Bong and he decides to come to the South, the land of freedom. Finally Myung-Ja and Su-Bong encounter with the South Korean army