Tragic love, 2004, Digital slide projection, 25min


Once upon a time, there was a movie star named "Lee Dae-Geun" Almost every boys in my generation were fascinated by him. And of course, he was my hero. Anyone could be my friend as long as he likes Lee. Recalling my memory, he was the strongest and the sexiest guy on this planet. If I had a dream, that was to become a man like him.
Everybody has one beautiful time in life that will never be forgotten. For me, the summer of the year 1980 was such a time in my life. In the summer, my classmates and I went to a park nearby Soon-Deok women's high school for painting competition. Although I heard about the notorious girls of Soon-Deok women's high school, I wish the rumour were not true.

1980, summer in Seoul, Su-Bong goes to a park with his schoolmates for painting competition. Su-Bong shares lunch and has good time with them in the park. Unfortunately, Su-Bong and friends encounter the notorious girls of Soon-Deok women's high school. Hyung-Joo, the head of the girls' hoodlum marks out Su-Bong and roughly molests him for fun. However, Hyung-Joo who looks like Olivia Hussey with her tough character fascinates Su-Bong. Since the unforgettable event, Su-Bong could not get rid of Hyung-Joo in his mind.
Finally Su-Bong sends a letter with courage to a radio show. His love story as well as his propose to Hyung-Joo in the letter is aired and Su-Bong reunites with Hyung-Joo at the wharf side. Hyung-Joo accepts Su-Bong's propose and they once again have an unforgettable sex at nearby hillside.
However, Hyung-Joo was in relations with Jae-Hyun who is the boss of high school gangsters. One day, Su-Bong accidentally witnesses Jae-Hyun and Hyung-Joo having sex in public where a bunch of hoodlums are around. Su-Bong's anger explores and decides to challenge Jae-Hyun to a duel